Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ehow is now becoming Demand Studios

Ehow is now becoming Demand Studios

So they announced at Ehow that Ehow will now be Demand Studios. Ehow has been owned by Demand Studios, but in the past you could write at Demand Studios, which was a bit more for the established writer or you could write at Ehow, which was a perfect place to write for anyone, established or beginner.

They sent me an email notifying me I am accepted as a writer to continue writing, BUT. I for one am so sad. I love Ehow and make great money there. I guess we have seen this coming. Although the pay has been great, in the past 5 months the pay has gone down. Many of us were wondering why. Then an issue came up about Ehow putting our articles up at the UK Ehow site and we did not get paid for that, Ehow did. Ehow stated they were fixing the situation and supposedly did. Ehow compensated us, I personally got $7 and no one can prove how much money we each really lost. I, like many people, just went on with life and Ehow and kept writing.

Since that disappointment, it seems like the site has been down or not working about every day. Either you could not publish your article, or you could not add pictures, just one thing after another.

I have been not been publishing there in a month. It was just so frustrating to spend time writing and then it would not publish.

So, what does the future hold with Ehow now becoming Demand Studios?
I, for one, have no idea. I am not an experienced writer, I have a full year in at writing, so I am not the beginner, but I liked Ehow, not only to write, but look up anything I needed to do. I purposely have not put "all my eggs in one basket." In other words, some people write at Ehow full time, I do not. I sell at Ebay, write at Ehow, Firehow and Associated Content. I sell products at Zazzle, I have 3 E-books I sell at Lulu and I Blog. Aside from that, I am a full time Mom. I have 4 English Bulldogs, one of the girls we bred once and the other 2 will breed soon. At the same time, Ehow now becoming Demand Studios has really put a damper on things. I hope I am wrong and this is a GOOD thing.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Best Site To Earn Residual Income Writing

Best Site To earn Residual Income Writing

I earn a full time income from home and have been for about 9 years. The first 7 of those years, my income was strictly from selling on Ebay. (If you follow my blog, you noticed I explained exactly how to make money there.) Two years ago, I decided to see what the fuss was about online, all these people claiming to earn tons of residual income writing.

I had no mentor or friend to ask questions to. I just had to do my best and wing it.

What I tried first to earn residual income by writing.

So, I started out blogging, which I ended up earning pocket change. Nevertheless, I got discouraged. All this time I spent writing, and I earned so little. Trying to figure out how to earn more money blogging, I went to Ehow, to get a few questions answered and noticed they paid you to write "How to" articles. I began writing there about 10 months ago. At Ehow you can earn amazing residual income! My first complete month I made about $25, and the next month I doubled that. By September my earnings were $125 a month. I write very little at Ehow. I might spend 6 hours a week. Between October and January I maybe wrote 2 articles and earnings keep coming in.

Since then, I started writing at many other sites, and have done some research. Ehow still seems to be the absolute best site to write at to earn residual income. I write at Associated Content, Bukisa and Firehow, and earning do not come close.

Top earners at Ehow are making around $2000 a month. As with any job, the more time you put into it the more money you earn.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to Get Help quickly at Ehow!

How to Get Help quickly at Ehow!

Ehow is a fabulous place to write about what you know, and earn money!
Questions or issues may arise at any point and help is just a click away!
Let's go over some often asked questions or issues!

Ehow Publishing Help!
If you are having problems publishing, there is an option you can click, "Switch to expanded View." This will usually help! If you are still having problems losing work, simply write it on your Microsoft works, and paste it at Ehow!

Ehow payment Help!
You get paid once a month, as long as you have reached $10, if you have not reached $10, it carries over to the next month.

Payment is usually the first half of the next month! In other words, if your payment for July is $75, you will get paid before the 15th of August. The exact day will vary.

If you go to your earnings tab and it reads carryover (when you are awaiting payment,) and you have made over $10, do not be alarmed, it will switch to pending shortly.

Ehow help for writing proper!
To avoid getting your articles deleted by Ehow, simply go back over their guidelines again! Follow their rules!
Write like you were in school, capital letters at the beginning of a sentence and periods at the end. Use spell check! Write original work on topics you know! Do not write any personal feeling or stories. Your article is not a blog. Simply write a summary, then steps. Start each step with an action verb!

Get help anytime at Ehow!
The nice thing about Ehow is not only can you contact Ehow anytime, you may also go to the Community Forum and ask your question there. Ehow is a warm community, and everyone is willing to help!

Monday, March 22, 2010

How to write your first article at Ehow

How to write your first article at Ehow

Well, you have signed up for the writers comepnsation program for free at Ehow, and it is time to write your first article.

Pick a topic you know about.

Choose your keywords, I have an article here on my blog on how to find the best keywords.

Ok, now that you have your keywords, you can start to write your first article at Ehow.

Make sure your keywords are in the title, and you also want to place them throughout your article often, but so it read's smooth. By putting the keywords in "too much" you can hurt your article's earnings as well. So place them in the title, once or twice in the description, and once in each step.

Each step of your Ehow article must include an action. For example:

First, pull out all of the ingredients listed.

Make sure to use proper english with periods and capitals in the proper places.

Add your keywords, and submit.

The first Ehow article you write may take a couple weeks or a month to earn money, be patient and keep writing. Write as much as you can in the beginning!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Find Good Keywords for your Ehow Article.

Find Good Keywords for your Ehow Article.

Good keywords can be the difference in making a couple dollars on an Ehow article and making alot more money.

Here is the best way to find the best paying keywords for your Ehow articles.

Go to Google keyword Tool for the best paying keywords, I have included the link below.

Once there type in your keyword. Scroll down and to the right and you will see "Choose columns to display" click show estimated CPC.
The keywords similar to what you typed in and show the average Cost per click (this is for advertisers but helps you understand which words pay better.)

Notice the local search volume to the right. If you see a keyword that pays well but has a low search volume number you may not want to choose that phrase. The best paying keyword you can choose is one that pays well and is searched fairly often.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ehow Earnings

It is always motivational to me to see how much people are making at Ehow. My earnings were up to $125 (Monthly)in October 2009. Ehow had a situation that came up with their UK site in which all of our earnings were greatly effected. The norm at Ehow is that your earnings either grow, or if you stop writing they atleast stay about the same. However with the UK problem, many of us at Ehow noticed our earnings down since November. That is true for me, as well. My earnings are down to about $75 a month, and I have been trying hard to write more this month, to get earnings back up.

If you find articles that are older that stop earning, you can resubmit them to search engines. Find your Ehow url and submit it to www.google.com/addurl/ and Bing www.bing.com/docs/submit.aspx?FORM=WSDD this seems to help earnings at Ehow.

I was just reading in the forums at Ehow and again for motivation and inspiration, I am adding a post of another Ehowers Earnings. She states she was making $205 in October and now her earnings are at about $185 a month. Here is her link Her Blog

Friday, March 19, 2010

How to find new topics to write about at Ehow

How to find new topics to write about at Ehow

You may think, I may know how to do a few things, but how will I ever keep coming up with new articles for Ehow?

The truth is there are thousands of things you know "How To" do.

Can you cook? Do you have recipes to share?

Can you style your hair well? Do you know How to put in rollers?

Are you awesome at raising your kids? There are a ton of Ehow articles to write on that subject alone. How to survive the terrible twos, Did you do amazing at planning a birthday party?

These are all great topics to write about at Ehow.

The list goes on and on, can you get puppy potty out of the carpet amazingly?

Keep a notebook with you through the day. When a new article topic comes to mind, jot it down. You will be surprised at how many topics you come up with for Ehow articles.

You can also go to Google. Type in "How To" See all the topics come up? Go a step further and type in "How To A" Then "How to B" so many different things come up, jot down a few topics that spark your interest. You should never have a day with no ideas for articles to write at Ehow.